Our packaging has been chosen specifically so that it can be re-used to store the dragéekíss™ pearl applicator in-between each use. We are all about reducing single use plastics!

The packaging can easily be opened from the back, by pulling the packaging to the side, and inserting both your thumbs, to pull the back flap open. Closing it back up just takes four clicks, one in each corner of the packaging.


When it comes to the operation of the dragéekíss™ pearl applicator, we’ve had feedback about a couple of aspects, and we’d like to share some of them here with you:

“My sugar pearls / dragées are getting stuck inside the body and/or nozzle and won’t exit, even though the sugar pearl / dragée packaging states 4mm or 5mm”

We’ve run our own tests and so far have found that only the PME Knightsbridge sugar pearls and Amarischia’s Decori range of dragées are consistent in size and shape. Many other manufacturers are producing sprinkles, rather than the rock hard sugar pearls / dragées that works best with the dragéekíss™ pearl applicator. The sprinkle type also gets crushed inside the body of the tool by the plunger, and creates further problems.


“My tool is “shooting blanks“ and/or many sugar pearls / dragées are exiting at the same time”

Shooting blanks means the plunger did not return to the starting point, with the clip making contact with the guide pin, to allow the next sugar pearl / dragée to fall into the “spoon”, to be fed into the nozzle by the plunger.

Too many dragées trying to exit at once happens when a couple of sugar pearls / dragées were fed into the “spoon” and made their way into the barrel, without the plunger being totally followed through to allow one sugar pearl / dragée to exit at a time. Take your tool back to the pot of sugar pearls / dragées and push the plunger forward until all the rogue pearls / dragées have exited and start again.


Getting into your packaging and the inner workings of your dragéekíss pearl applicator (the dk)