Lizzo Marek – Sugar Geek Show


In 2015, Liz and her husband Dan officially opened her online school Sugar Geek Show where she continues to teach new techniques, push the boundaries of cake decorating and share her love of sugar art with the community. Liz continues to teach in-person classes as well and is so grateful for the opportunity to travel and meet new people and experience inspiring art and cultures all over the world.

US born, Portland based Liz Marek started her cake decorating career in 2007 as a simple hobby to take her mind off of her stressful graphic design career. She really enjoyed the creativity involved in creating custom cakes and the joy that it brought to her friends and family. She soon got requests from friends of friends and then strangers. Before she knew it, she had accidentally started a cake career.

Liz' Purple Bling Cake

Liz' Black Textured Wedding Cake

Liz' Purple Bling Cake Tutorial (Promo)

Liz' Black Textured Wedding Cake (Promo)