Albena Petrova – Albena Cake Design


Bulgarian born Albena Petrova was raised in a family of artists – a sculptor and a jeweller, and that is where she developed an interest in painting and sculpting from an early age. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts, (Sofia, Bulgaria), specializing in pottery making and glass engraving, and a few years back she got her diploma from Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Montreal, specializing in Pastry Making – and that is when her passion for cakes began.

After culinary school, Albena started using her unique artistic vision to bring cakes to life. As her skills progressed, her cakes became more and more uniquely designed according to customer’s ideas, visions and dreams. She loves thinking out of the box and experimenting with tools and materials. Attention to the detail is an important part of her work, while she always welcomes a challenge as the owner of Albena Cake Design in Montreal. Albena finds inspirations everywhere – flowers, fashion, art, architecture, nature and people.

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