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Daniel Diéguez & Karen Portaleo

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drageekiss ltd is a UK VAT registered limited company with company number 09842674 and VAT registration number GB273005335

The dragéekíss® pearl applicator is a patented invention by South African born Angelique Meyer, which has been further developed and brought to market by British entrepreneur Gwen Powell.

dragéekíss® is a registered trade mark with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

The dragéekíss® pearl applicator complies with both the EU Food Safety Regulations, and the USA FDA Regulations, and is manufactured from food grade material responsibly sourced from Germany, with a full Product Stewardship Bulletin available upon request.

The tool is dishwasher safe and proudly manufactured in Great Britain.


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The must have tool to help you attach dragees and sugar pearls to your cake with ease. No more tweezers and dropping pearls all over the floor. Time saving, money earning, cake decorating tool!
dragéekíss2 days ago
The Cake Decorating Company has an INCREDIBLE offer on dragéekíss ✨ Get the Drageekiss Pearl Applicator, 100g 4mm sugar pearls & and Press Ice in Polka 1 for ONLY £17.50!

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dragéekíss shared a post.4 months ago
Look at this 👀
dragéekíss shared a post.8 months ago
The amazing Daniel Diéguez did it again 🥰🥰🥰

Love the use of the dragéekíss pearl applicator to add some detail to his Queen of the Sea 🌊

Visit Daniel’s page to see his other master pieces:

Daniel Diéguez / Cake Artist

Daniel Diéguez / Cake Artist
This is "Queen of the sea", the #chocolatemagic feature at @internationalcakeshowaustralia produced in a week at Academia international and Brisbane showgrounds. The installation it's in a stand of 6×6 meters but the piece is nearly 3 meters high per 4 meters long and 2 meters wide. All the corals are made of chocolate coverture and she has real cake decorated with chocolate coverture, modelling chocolate and ganache mainly. Handpainted and airbrushed with @magic_colours_inside . Also used @drageekiss and @karen_davies_sugarcraft moulds. Thank you so much to Acada for having me once more and to my lovely assistants and Academia international for hosting the production. As traditional I'll be sharing her with the public the last day of the show. I hope you like her. #chocolateshowpiece #chocolatemagic #chocolatemagic #cakeart #cakeartist #chocolatesculpture #chocolateshowpiece #chocolate #cake #cakeart #cakedecorating #pastry #chocolatier #masterclass #cakecraft #temperedchocolate #edibleart #sculptedcake #yesitscake #cakedecor #cakestagram